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RGA maintains a competition schedule throughout the year in which member groups compete for prize money and awards. These competitions are managed in a professional manner in order to provide education and entertainment for RGA members as well as the viewing audience. No individual or team will be allowed to present material in their performances that could/would embarrass/insult the viewing audience and bring reproach to the RGA organization.


The detailed competition guidelines are listed under the appropriate divisions.  These guidelines are specific to that venue which will instruct/inform members or perspective members of the requirements of performance as well as explain the scoring of individuals/teams.


RGA has decided this organization will embrace as many historically accurate 19th century events as possible by adding divisions that will enable this organization to grow into the total 19th century experience as expressed in our mission statement.





Judges should be compensated for their mileage to the event (based on Mapquest), and rooms. The mileage should should be determined with the prevailing fuel costs. It is the responsibility of the event coordinator and the individual judges to work out the details of their agreement in a written contract so that both parties are fully aware of their agreement prior to the event taking place. Some judges may not need to be compensated if they are already from the local area, already attending the event and needed for a fill in spot or have made alternative arrangements. In any case, all agreements must be accomplished in advance to eliminate any misunderstandings.

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