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Code Of Ethics

Code of Ethics

The Reenactment Guild of America, Hereafter referred to as "RGA" is dedicated to the accurate and historical presentation of life in the American West during the 19th century.


It is the desire of the guild membership to preserve this part of American history and to provide a safe venue where the public may be both educated and entertained at the same time. All members of the guild will be expected to conduct themselves in a manner that will not bring discredit to RGA. RGA does not tolerate nor will it condone or support discrimination of any person or entity in any form or manner. RGA members will be expected to follow all the guild rules and guidelines set forth by the board and to adhere to all Local, State and Federal laws of the United States of America. Because historical truths are sometimes found to be fluid and open to interpretation, every effort will be made to insure that members portray their characters or events in a historically correct manner which shall include but is not restricted to clothing, utensils, weapons, behavior and speech. Questions regarding these areas will be professionally presented for clarification. Members, in response to such questions, will refrain from action or speech that could be construed as hostile. In all cases of competition, the judges will have final say on issues of safety or historical correctness.


No discourse will be allowed in front of the judges’ table. Performers must honor historical records and knowledge and should document such sources used in their presentations so that they may withstand critical review. RGA members will strive to assist each other in the pursuit of historical accuracy and understanding. Further, members will respect the integrity of historical records while investigating and interpreting the past during presentations as a matter of practice. Membership will also respect the presentations and portrayals of the past by all other members and will not resort to plagiarism. RGA members are to consider themselves as mentors/teachers to young and old alike and behave at all times while representing RGA in a manner above reproach. Inappropriate actions or behavior by any member is subject to review by the board and may result in expulsion of the member.


The Performers are professionals bound by a love of the Western frontier as well as a love for history and their fellow human being. These are values shared by all members of the guild.

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